What To Expect When Your Pet Dies

Pets. We all seem to have them and they mean various things to each of us. Maybe you see your dog as your companion, someone to share your life experiences with; but the next person sees his dog as a work dog who needs to earn his keep by safe-guarding the family and the family home. Maybe you are a mixture of both. But when your pet dies, there are going to be feelings you need to understand and deal with.No matter how you view your pet, when that pet dies it will leave you with a profound sense of loss and sadness. Death is hard for even the most rational person to deal with, but when the death is your pet, you may lose your ability to think rationally. Most people feel that their pets are members of their families and their whole family grieves when the pet dies.Everyone experiences grief differently. We all know people who lose pets and seem to “just take it all in stride”. You never see them saddened or down. Then there is the person who simply falls apart at the loss of their beloved baby. We’ve all seen it. Maybe we’ve even been in that role ourselves a time or two.The rest of the world may not understand why you are having such a problem. After all, it was just a….dog….cat….pet. Haven’t you heard that before? Or your boss tells you to “just get over it” when you are upset at work. Unfortunately, the loss of a pet is extremely stressful and can have long-term effects on a person’s sense of well-being. You need to give yourself permission to experience grief and sadness. You need to know that it really is okay to be angry at your loss and saddened by your pets absence. You may even feel overwhelmed by circumstances if the loss of a pet coincides with some other traumatic experience.Grief is a process and it can last a short time, like a day or two, or it may take quite some time. It is not out of the normal to experience symptoms of grief up to a year after the event. So treat yourself and your family gently. Remember, your children may be experiencing death first-hand for the very first time. They will need your support and guidance to navigate through their fears and feelings.The only thing that will help you is for time to pass. Usually, getting another pet is not the answer; but once you have processed your feelings of loss you may begin to think of getting another pet–not to replace your lost friend but to keep you company in your time of loss.One thing you can do for yourself and your family is to make arrangements for your pet to be cremated or buried in a place you will be able to visit. If you opt for cremation, you will need to find an urn or container that you can use to keep your pet’s remains safe. If you decide burial is the way to go, you may wish to purchase a small plaque to serve as a marker to the grave. That way, you and your family can always find the spot when you feel the need to visit.Whatever you decide, you need to understand that suffering the loss of a pet is a trauma and will require time for you to heal. You will be angry, sad, tearful and various other emotions. You need to allow yourself to experience them and then move on. Your pet gave you unconditional love and acceptance. You have a right to grieve that loss.

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Being Smart and Savvy With Designer Inspired Handbags

These days it can cost a small fortune for a genuine designer handbag. Fashion handbags can easily reach into the thousands of dollars and lucky are those that can justify spending that amount on a fashion accessory. Luckily the handbag market has spawned a full collection of designer inspired handbags that feature designs very similar to the big names in fashion for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes referred to as knock-off or replica purses these stylish handbags allow fashion forward women to attain the look they want at a price they can afford.No matter what style of handbag you are looking for, you’re certain to find a designer inspired model that matches your unique taste. Totes, hobo bags, clutches, satchels, messenger bags and pouches can be found all over the replica purse market and come in a wide variety of designer styles and collors. Handbags available in the replica market are near identical to the originals and many people won’t ever know the bag you’re sporting is a knock-off.With the economy the way it is it’s getting harder to rationalize spending excessive amounts on fashion and accessories. But that doesn’t mean chic women need to sacrifice their sense of style. Instead women can save money and still look great by opting for designer inspired handbags that offer high quality craftsmanship, spot-on decorations and adornments and plenty of features to keep pace with today’ modern women.Other people who can benefit from replica handbags are retail store owners who want to provide their clientele with the latest fashions at prices that are affordable. Many wholesale handbag suppliers feature terrific lines of designer inspired purses that can be bought in bulk at discount prices. Don’t worry about not making a profit, when smart and savvy women get a look at these stylish purses and the low prices it’s an easy sale. Succeeding in retail takes foresight and knowing that people are pinching pennies to stay above water in today’s bad economy makes the decision to stock up on replica fashion accessories is a smart one.Looking great doesn’t mean spending a lot. While some women are slave to certain labels the savvy shopper knows that a replica handbag will still carry the chic style a woman wants from a purse without the eye-popping price tag. So if you’re a fashionista who needs a certain accessory to complete a outfit or a retailer who needs to buy wholesale handbags for a shop, check out the options in the designer inspired market.

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Lower Health Care Costs – What Some Companies Are Doing to Help

It’s not all bad new out there for Health Care these days. There is good news. You just have to know where to look for it unfortunately.Before the new health care reform, some insurance companies were already making concentrated efforts to lower health care costs. Health care costs are a responsibility of every player in the health care system including hospitals, doctors and other staff, insurance companies and yes, even “we” the patients. Costs are rising from several factors and we consumers can play a big role in helping to reduce costs.So what are insurance companies doing to help? One company has an independent service that works to help keep your costs as low as possible. How you ask? Some Companies are providing advocates that will make costs more transparent so you can make decisions that can lower your overall costWhat if we could know up front how much a procedure would cost? How many times do we just shake our head in agreement when the doctor advises that we need a specific test or procedure? Of course we want to follow doctors orders, but why do we proceed so quickly without even knowing what this could cost us in the end?Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an “estimate” of the procedure? Did you know for example that lab facilities vary widely in their fees for tests? By knowing what labs in our neighborhood charged for certain tests we could have more control and make a more informed decision that could positively effect the end cost of our own health care dollar.Some services even offered cash rewards for using their program to “shop” for specific procedures such as MRI’s, CT Scans, Colonoscopies and more. Upon reviewing this independent service I found these other benefits:1. Explanation on how best to use your benefits
2. Help you work through claims and billing issues
3. Negotiate with out-of-network providers
4. Clarify the amount you can expect to pay for health care services.Don’t forget that this was an independent company not affiliated with a specific insurance company. Insurance companies seem to be seeking to add this value to their plans to make consumers aware of services like these that can be a benefit to the entire health care system.

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